How being a Cam Girl Changed My Sex Life!

Becoming a cam girl was the best thing that has ever happened to me and it has changed my life 360 degrees but the best of all changes is that it spiced up my sex life.
Well I had a pretty good sex life even before I became a cam girl. I was horny and fucked around a lot. But ones I started camming my sex drive is off the charts.
My husband love that I am a cam girl and that I like to show off my assets to other men and women. I kind of had sex like 3 days a week prior to choosing the camming carrier, but have started having wild-wild sex atleast twice a day everyday ever since.
(PS- This is apart from the 1 or 2 or even 3 orgasms I have during the cam sessions.)
They say that you always have to find time to do what you love. Self love is the best love. So I always find time to give myself some time to get my pussy rammed every day by some huge juicy cock. As long as my pussy is filled by a huge cock I don’t care if it is my husbands, or his friends or even strangers.
Most of my cam clients tell me that having cam sessions with me have boosted their sex life too. I feel proud that I found the courage to search for webcam girl jobs whenever I hear from my shy clients that now they have become more confident in approaching girls and get some pretty good action almost every night.
Now, let me give you a quick preview of how great my sex life has becoming after I started camming.
Recently I hired a new house maid, Rekha, who is known around the neighborhood to be horny. Not every wife wants her around their husbands but I was searching for someone like her for a long time. So, I hired her immediately. She is around 45 years, a bit chubby with big boobs and ass. I loved her instant I met her.
I was embarrassed to ask her if she would like it if my husband fucked her. But she surprised me by stating her demands. She said she liked to work around the house naked or half naked all the time and should be allowed to bring a man (any man) home everyday coz she couldn’t sleep without having her pussy filled with someone’s cock.
I was more than happy to hire her and asked if my husband’s cock would be enough to satisfy her. She was gleaming with joy. She said my husband could fuck her anytime he wanted. She said her husband Vicky also needs a pussy everyday to park his huge cock and could use mine. So we hired Vicky as our driver as well.
Right from the moment she started working at my house she walks around half naked with her big boobs on exhibition. Sometimes she wears a sari without a blouse or a bra. Her skirts are at time very short with half of her butt cheeks showing.
My husband sucks on her breast any time he wants. Some time she would be making chappathi for us and my husband would be sucking her boobs. Me and Rekha has allowed my husband and Rekha’s husband Vicky to fuck both of us anytime they or we want.
Yesterday while Rekha was dusting the house half naked in a skimpy skirt, she bent down to pick something up from the floor and her beautiful inviting pussy was on the show. My husband was horny and asked her if he could fuck her. She said ‘I have told you, you can fuck me anytime you want’. That’s what my husband was waiting to hear. He slipped his dick right into her cunt. Her pussy was already wet that his dick slid right in. He started fucking her then and there. I was also horny watching this.
Right at the moment Vicky entered the house. He got horny seeing his boss fuck his wife. He immediately pulled out his cock from his pants and came to me and said ‘suck it bitch’. I needn’t have to be told twice. I instantly start sucking his cock.
While I was sucking his dick he looked at his wife moaning like a pig getting rammed by my husband and said- “My wife is getting fucked by my boss and she is moaning like a bitch. She is a horny cunt.”
And he said to my husband- “Fuck her harder. She loves fucking around with men. Fuck that horny cunt harder.”
My husband, who was getting hornier knowing that he was fucking his housemaid while her husband was watching, rammed her pussy faster and said “Your wife is a cunt. She loves getting fucked by her boss. She loves other men slipping their dick in her pussy all the time.
Vicky said- “So is your wife. Look at her licking my cock like a seasoned cunt. I am sure she has fucked around a lot.”
Then Vicky told me “Now spread your legs and lie on the couch for me to fuck you.”
I did just as was told. He wasted no time in inserting that thick cock into my pussy. It was huge that it hardly fit in my tight pussy. He started pumping me as soon as the cock went in.
He kept saying, “Your driver is fucking you bitch. Your driver is fucking you like a cunt”
I was getting pounded by my driver on my couch with my legs spread wide open, while the driver’s wife was getting fucked by my husband and both the husbands were talking nasty about us. This turned us on more. We girls moaned louder. With each stroke our moaning got louder and louder.
Rekha and my husband came first. Vicky pumped me harder and we both came minutes later.
Lately my husband and Vicky bring many other men and women home and we have a great fuck session all the time.
All thanks to the cam girl effect. Now I enjoy my sex life everyway possible and can’t go to sleep without fucking atleast one man or women a day.

How to be a Cam Girl

Well, the short answer is if you are bold and kinky enough to show off your hot assets to other kinky men and women over a camera and make their fantasies come true, you are on the track to become a perfect cam girl.
The long answer is the short answer+ a bit of work to find the best cam sites that suites your needs.
Cam Girl, This is a profession that I had never thought I’d be working in, in a million years. But, here I am working as a cam girl and absolutely loving every second of it.
When I was younger, and people told me cliche line that for a happy life you have do what you love I thought that it was total bullshit. I always believed that I would have to work my ass off to earn a decent living. But ever since I found the gold mine of being a cam girl I have never had to look back. Well, to be honest I still have to work my ass, but this is the kind of working my ass that I love doing all day, everyday, if you know what I mean : ) .
I am a desi girl and worked in real estate business and earned a decent amount. My husband worked in IT filed and he too earned a pretty good sum. Though we were okay financially, we both were working long hours and had to travel around a lot. We were stressed out from our work, did not get enough rest and were looking for a welcome relief from all that.
During one of our regular coffee chats I discussed my plight with my friend Payal and she told me a secret that changed my life forever- live camming. I was skeptical to say the least but she told me it really worked for her and I thought why not give it a try.
I told it to my hubby as a joke and he was curious and excited by the idea and told me that I could give it a try if I am interested. I was more than interested. He knew me well. The thought of other men and women jerking off watching my big tits and wet pussy made both of us horny. I wanted to start right away. We looked online and found a couple of sites that we liked.
I started with 2 websites at the same time but those did not work out for me coz both their timings overlapped and I couldn’t keep up with both. The pay was also considerably low. I realized that I had jumped into this without thinking it through.
We started researching and asked Payal as well, and we found out about The moment I found this perfect site everything was uphill from there. It was an absolute jackpot. It had details of numerous cool exiting websites where I could work as a cam girl, each more exciting than the other. We researched in detail about these sites and found a couple that would work just fine for me.
I read all the cool tips on about how to be a successful cam girl, the dos and the don’ts, how to get on with my first session, how to make sure the clients come back to me and all. I was ready to start. My only investment was a laptop with a webcam.
First I created an awesome profile that was sure to get clients cum to me. Then I set my own schedule and my own price range as well and started working. It was awesome.
It has been about 2 years after I did my first live cam and now I have everything I could ask for in terms of money. But for me the huge bank balance and the luxury life was just an extra slice of cake for me. The perks I really love about this job are that I can make my own schedule, have a lot of free time to do whatever I want and my sex drive has peaked through the roof. While camming I have also met some wonderful people who are my friends to this day.
I am among the few lucky ones who actually love what I do and earn huge while doing so. I can work full time or even part time and fit the working hours to fit my other daily schedules. I am the master of my own time and money.
But, ofcoure when I started out I did stumble upon problems. During my first session I was so anxious that I froze midsession completely blank about what to do or say to the client, but my client was very sweet and understood my situation. But I quickly remembered everything I had learned during my research and regained my composure and got on with the session. After that session I made sure that I never made anymore goofups ever while camming. Slowly and steadily, I have found my pace and have made my own space in the industry within the last 2 years and become the best sexy self I always wanted to be.
Something I have learned from my experience as a cam girl is that while the money is awesome and life would be easy, I would have lost interest fast if my focus was only on the money. Luckily for me, I did not do it just for the money. I did it coz I was really open minded and was really excited about showing off my body and have fun.
So to paraphrare all the ‘blah blah’s I have just written above- My friend Payal and helped me become the confident sexy cam girl I am today, earn well, enjoy a spicy sex life and have a flexible schedule with a lot of free time for myself. Now that is what I call ‘the best life’.

A Cam Girl's tips on what Turns Men on

Ha!! Tips to turn on men- One of my favorite topic to write and experiment on.
Turning on men is not very difficult yet not very easy. Even if everything about your cam show with a guy is going good, the slightest of mistake can get them lose the interest.
There are end number of things that can be done to turn on men and keep them turned on. Let me tell you my secret recipe to keep men turned on.
Dirty Talk, Dirty Talk and more Dirty Talk
Yup, yup and yup. My favorite weapon of choice- dirty talk. Nothing says ‘turn on’ more than some sexy dirty talk. It can get men (& women) go crazy over you. I combine it with a bit of lesbian sex talk, slight threesome or foursome narration, and some teasing and voila!! you have got a perfect dish the clients would want to come back to taste again.
Once the call starts I ask the client their likes and dislike and how they want the session to go about and then dive straight into the session.
This is how some of my best sessions goes.
I typically wear a short sexy dress with a black or red sleek sexy bra. Black is my favorite color and I love see through lace finish.
I do not wear any panties and half my ass cheeks would be visible through my short dress.
Once the call with the client starts and I have asked his/her interest, I move on with the session right away.
Let us call my client Mr.M for now.
I ask – “Do you like what you see Mr.M?”
Mr. M - Oh yes, I love it baby…but show me more
Me- Oh you are very naughty. Patience, patience is the key, Mr. M. You will have to wait if you wanna see more. Can you do that for me Mr M.?
Mr M.- Yes, baby I can wait as long as you want to see your big tits and juicy pussy.
Me – So tell me Mr. M are you an ass person or a tit person?
Mr M- I love big tits. I would just like to rip off your skirt and squeeze those juicy melons.
Me- Oh!! Mr. M, you are making me horny.
I drop a tissue I have in my hand and I turn around facing my back to the camera and bent down as if to pick up the thing I dropped.
My tight pussy is now facing the camera and I could feel Mr.M’s gaze fixated upon my pussy.
I pick up the tissue, stand up and turn around.
In the video I could see the clear tent in his pants. I could feel the lust in his eyes, he was practically drooling.
Me- Mr. M you are very naughty. Stop staring.
Mr. M- You have a tight ass and juicy cunt. I want to lift up your skirt and fuck you hard right now.
Me– Yes, Mr.M. I wanna have you inside me. I want you to cum deep inside me.
Show me your big bad cock. Show me how big it is.
He slipped his cock out of his pants.
Me- That is one of the largest cock I have ever seen and believe me, I have seen a lot.
Mr. M – I know you have seen and eaten lot of cocks you bitch. Now lift that skirt up and show me your huge tits.
He said stroking his penis.
I lifted my skirt sensually and pulled my bra down and revealed my big boobs. I pinched my nipples and squeezed my tits.
The idea that a stranger was watching me on video with my skirt up and tits out touching myself aroused me more. My pussy was aching for a cock to fill it.
I played with my jugs and asked him- Do you like watching me play with my tits.
Mr M- Yes, I love watching women play with their boobs. I wanna suck and lick it.
His sexy voice made me horny.
Me- Do you wanna fuck me Mr.M?
Mr. M- I wanna Fuck all your fuck holes, bitch.
Me- Do you like sharing me with a stranger?
Mr. M- Oh yes.
Me- Imagine you arrange for a fuck foursome with you, your wife, me and a stranger guy you found at a bar. Both me and your wife are naked and wet lying on the bed waiting for you guys to fuck us. We suck each other’s boobs and lick the wet, juicy honey pot. You wife screams in pleasure.
Then the stranger approaches your wife and tells her, “Suck my cock you bitch”
And that lusty bitch wife of yours sucks his huge dick without hesitation. You watch your wife suck a stranger’s cocks.
I say while I take the biggest dildo from my extensive collection and insert it right into my wet pussy and start sliding it in and out.
Me- Now you come to me and slip your cock right into my wet aching pussy.
The stranger does the same with your wife.
I continue sliding the dildo in and out faster.
Mr M. starts to jerk his cock faster as well.
Your wife has spread her legs for a stranger and is getting fucked by that stranger in your own bed while you are fucking me. Both I and your wife scream in pleasure and you guys fuck us faster. All four of us cum at the same time and you squirt all your cum into my pussy and the stranger squirts his load in your wife’s pussy, onto her tits and into her mouth. He then asks her to suck his dick clean. She sucks all the cum off the strangers cock and swallows every drop of it with a horny smile.
Both me and Mr M. Cum at the same time. I see him squirt and pretend like I am opening my mouth to swallow it over the video.
Mr M.- Yes Bitch. Swallow my cum. Drink every fucking drop of it.
Me- You cum taste good Mr.M. I wanna drink it everyday.
Mr. M- Yes Bitch I will let you drink my cum everyday.
That’s how it is done folks. See how incorporated dirty talking, lesb sex, foursome, and teasing all into one session and kept him hooked. It works every single time. Try it and thank me later.