Hello everybody, my name is Max Landerman and I am the current president of UVMtv. I would like to welcome you to the brand new UVMtv website. This site was built by myself and my excellent staff. As you can see we have not only made big changes but we have rebuilt the site from the ground up. We felt that the old site couldn’t meet our needs as a station so we built a new one. We now have video posting built in to the site so that all our content can be embedded right here! As some of you may know, our domain has changed from UVMtv.net to UVMtv.org. There is still a site at our old domain but it is not ours! This summer our domain was hijacked by scammers who still have our content up on their site! Please make sure to tell everyone about our new location. We’d love to hear any feedback from our viewers. You can email us at UVMtv@UVMtv.org. Some features to look forward to are as follows: The featured content slider will show each week’s current shows. As they are filmed and uploaded they will be available for you to watch in that featured content slider. The watch live tab will soon have a chat feature so that those of you who watch live on the internet can chat with one another and even the show hosts! Facebook and twitter integration will soon be placed at the bottom of each post so that you may share, tweet, or post about watching UVMtv. I’d like to thank everyone who helped to make this site possible. As always, stop by our space at the Davis Center on the first floor if you want to come for a visit.   Yours Truly, Max

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