Here are just some of the questions that we consistently get asked about UVMtv:

Where is UVMtv located?

UVMtv is in a new location in the basement of Wright Hall in room 005.


Do I need any experience?Absolutely not. Here at UVMtv, we encourage anyone and everyone to join and participate in our student-run organization. No prior involvement in television is needed. We have a dedicated and well-trained staff willing to teach our members about all facets of television production. We welcome all types of people with any amount of training.


What is the time commitment?

The time commitment at UVMtv is completely up to its members. Whether they work one show or six shows, behind-the-scenes or in front of the camera, UVMtv encourages its members to find what availability they have, and then work with us accordingly. There are multiple opportunities for students to get involved with our station, and while we certainly provide each member with the proper tools necessary to be successful in the television industry, it is ultimately up to them to continue their growth with UVMtv.


How can I become a member of UVMtv?

This one is easy: Just email us at, or attend one of our general meetings each Sunday night. We ALWAYS welcome new members, and are more than willing to help you get on board. If you would like to join UVMtv, contact us today!


Can I start my own show?

Absolutely. There is a specific pilot approval process, including pitching the show to the Executive Board, which generally answers most of the questions that a prospective producer might have about making their TV dream a reality. All you have to do is email our Program Director Mary at, with your thoughts and ideas. There is a lot of flexibility for getting a show started, but it all hinges on the commitment of the show’s producer to see the final product put together.


Can I work with more than one branch of UVMtv?

Definitely. We encourage all of our members to get involved with any and all branches with which they have interest.


How soon will my production be online?

This question does not have a specific answer. If you attend meetings, pitch your show idea, and display a certain level of commitment to your production, it should not take you long for you to gain an opportunity.


Can UVMtv help me get an internship?

It sure can! Many UVMtv members have used their experiences and networking skills learned here to obtain internships with television stations and production companies nationwide. Although we are not primarily an internship placement organization, the skills that our members develop while working with UVMtv help them understand what it takes to be successful in the television industry.


Who are our viewers?

Our viewers mainly consist of UVM students and the Burlington community.  Since we are now solely an internet-based TV station, our viewership potential is worldwide.




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