Dogs of Church Street S1:E3

This week we interview some more adorable dogs on Church Street, including the hottest couple in Burlington, the Zodiac Killer, and someone who just needs a hug.

Dogs of Church Street S1:E2

Dogs of Church Street is back as we interview the many canines of Burlington! This we’ve got spotlight-stealing-sisters, fashionable-francophones, and cuddly-communists!

Dogs of Church Street S1:E1

The first episode of the new show Dogs of Church Street! A show where we interview dogs we meet on Church Street in Burlington, VT about the ruff realities of life.

802 Assholes: Not Cancelled Yet! 10-08-2014

802 Assholes is UVMtv’s newest college talk show. We discuss college-related things in our short program every week. Check out our segments, “Fuck That!” and “Shitty Spot of the Week” to se what you can relate to on UVM campus. This week we talk about that gross manure smell on […]