Dogs of Church Street S1:E4

The gangĀ is attacked by a mysterious beast and its hidden compatriot, asks an expert for advice, and gets involved with an elaborate matchmaking scheme, plus, the handsome stranger from last season revealed? Tune in for UVMTV’s Dogs of Church Street.

Dogs of Church Street S1:E3

This week we interview some more adorable dogs on Church Street, including the hottest couple in Burlington, the Zodiac Killer, and someone who just needs a hug.

Dogs of Church Street S1:E2

Dogs of Church Street is back as we interview the many canines of Burlington! This we’ve got spotlight-stealing-sisters, fashionable-francophones, and cuddly-communists!

Dogs of Church Street S1:E1

The first episode of the new show Dogs of Church Street! A show where we interview dogs we meet on Church Street in Burlington, VT about the ruff realities of life.

UVM Student Media Presents WRUV DJ Of The Week: Glamma’s In Paradise

Each week WRUV picks a DJ to be the “DJ Of The Week”. The DJ then is given an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Vermont Cynic. The following week their conversation with the Cynic will be published in the weekly Cynic edition. The interview is also filmed by […]