Justice League Dark – Nerds of the Round Table Ep. 28

In this episode of UVMtv’s Nerds of the Round Table, the group discusses the supernatural superheroes that make up the newly-released DC animated film, Justice League Dark.

Pilot – Suicide Squad, Apple, Pokemon Go, and Super Hero Death Matches

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, freaks and geeks of all ages, welcome to the debut of UVMtv’s newest series, UVMtv’s Nerds of the Round Table!  On our very first episode, the hosts share their thoughts on the Suicide Squad film, the most recent Apple event, Pokemon Go, and the Avengers […]

UVM Newsday 04-25-2014 Season Finale

Tune in for our final episode! We’re talking about why greek life may change at UVM, what UVM athletics is doing to show their appreciation, which Catamounts are headed to DC, and more info about SpringFest! It’s been great reporting for you guys and we’ll be back in the fall!